For more than 15 years, OEM and manufacturers of all sizes and industries have selected us for wire harness, cable assembly and installation. Whatever you company needs and specifications are we can produce to every detail, optimize, redesign or create a prototype cable or wire harness assembly specifically for your needs. Our capable, experienced and flexible staff allows us to save your companies money and time.

What’s the benefit to outsourcing your cable or wire harness assembly?

Baltic COMRI Technologies specializes in cable and wire harness manufacturing, we have experience, know-how, equipment, trained staff and industry connections that allows us to offer our partners the best product quality for competitive prices while allowing them to allocate their precious resources into product development while leaving us with the responsibility and care to deliver the quality that we have been specialized in throughout our years of experience in manufacturing sector.

We posses variety cable assembly lines for energy, automation, telecommunication, medical, transportation, high-tech science, military industries


  • Wiring harnesses and kits
  • Coaxial cables
  • Flat cables MDR cables
  • Flat, flat-round, round laminated cables
  • Custom cables